195-616B   Topics in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics (Winter Term 2002)

Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, McGill University

Introduction to Data Assimilation and applications to atmospheric data analysis

Professor: Pierre Gauthier
Email: pierre.gauthier@uqam.ca


Lecture No.1  Introduction: data assimilation and the inverse problem

Lecture No.2 Basic statistics

Lecture No.3 univariate statistical interpolation

Lecture No.4 a Bayesian approach to statistical data assimilation

Lecture No.5 multivariate statistical interpolation.

Lecture No.6 Extension of statistical interpolation to the 4D case: the Kalman filter

Lecture No.7 Quadri-dimensional variational data assimilation: the 4D-Var.



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ECMWF Web site

Training course:

Fisher, M., 2001: Assimilation techniques: 3D-Var

Fisher, M., 2001: Assimilation techniques: 4D-Var

Fisher, M., 2001: Assimilation techniques: Approximate Kalman Filters and Singular Vectors

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